Kitchen Fire Stop

Top of the line fire suppression system
Tested, verified and listed to UL 300A standard for Cooktop Residential Suppression System.
Innovative automatic suppression system for your kitchen stove
Detects and extinguishes fire originated at your stove/cooktop
Kitchen Fire Stop will only activate on real fires and extinguish fires from the smallest skillet to a big size oil pan. 100% SUCCESS!

Kitchen Fire Stop designed for

  • Private homes/apartments
  • Assisted livings
  •  Senior living
  • Student dorms
  • Vacation homes
  • Social housing


Most frequent questions and answers

47% of home fires are originated from cooking equipment.Young or old, sometimes people forget their skillet or pan on the stove. Even a small amount of oil or fat will start a fire if left alone few minutes. The fire built up quickly and when it reaches the top cabinets the cabinets will catch fire and it’s too late now.

Fire sprinkler system is excellent suppression system.
If your home is sprinklered- you are pretty much safe. 
If your home is not sprinklered – it will cost you 1500% more than KITCHEN FIRE STOP
Also, when a sprinkler goes off – there’s a lot of water damage 

Water is not good with grease fires. The sprinklers will go off only when the air temperature reaches 155 F (70c). By then the kitchen cabinets are burning.

When KITCHEN FIRE STOP goes off – there’s no damage at all!!

And- you have addressed almost 50% of the fires!!!

When heat the hood bottom reaches a specific temperature, the linear heat detector will notify the ME300 control panel. The panel will activate the extinguisher, sound an alarm and command the stove power to shut off. 

The K type wet agent will put the fire off and cover it with a thick “blanket” to refrain from re-ignition.

If you see a fire on your stovetop and you don’t want to wait – just pull the manual pull station and the system will go off immediately

KITCHEN FIRE STOP will fit any stove or cooktop up to 36” wide, gas or electric with a range hood on top.

The range hood bottom must be 22” to 36” above the cooking surface.

Nozzle and Detector Bracket comes with either 30” or 36” long and will go under any common range hood, open or closed bottom and under 30” over the range microwave.

The system will be ready to operate for many years. However, every 5 years it will need a refresh – new battery and new agent.  You can order a 5-year refresh kit. We will notify you before the 5 years are ending.

If the system discharges, you can order a discharging replacement kit : replace the detector and the extinguisher. 

KITCHEN FIRE STOP is a self-installed DIY system. 

A skilled person may install it using the Installation and Operation Manual and the Instructional video

If you prefer a professional to install it for you, the best will be an electrician. You also may need a gas fitter for the gas shutoff valve (if your stove is a gas type)

You are welcome to contact our customer service for any inquiry on installation. 

This system requires a bi-monthly inspection which is pretty simple: make sure that the extinguisher pressure is in the green zone and the only led blinking at the ME300 panel is the green light – SYSTEM OK

Once a year we will ask to perform a dry activation as described in the Manual.

If you face a problem: trouble LED (yellow), loss of pressure or system discharge, call our customer service immediately

KITCHEN FIRE STOP is tested and listed by Intertek (ETL) to comply the UL300A standard for residential suppression system. It means this is a proved system, similar to commercial kitchen suppression systems that you have seen in restaurants.

Other suppression systems that are not listed to UL 300A were not tested and you can never rely on them to extinguish the stove fire.

KITCHEN FIRE STOP is 100% successful with all possible grease fires and 0% false alarms. 

Even if accidently activated, no damage, no harm and very easy to clean. 

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