Personal page

My name is Shaviv Ben Neriah and I’m the president of More Fire Protection LTD located in greater Vancouver BC.

I’ve been doing fire protection engineering for 30 years. Started with fire alarm and continued with sprinkler systems for residential, commercial, industrial, warehouses etc. I designed water sprinklers as well as foam systems and commercial kitchen pre-engineered systems.

After we have moved to Canada in 2007 I became a teacher at the BCIT for sprinkler design. I also started to look around, to see what’s missing.

I found the statistics published by the NFPA to be overwhelming: 47% of home fires are originated at the cooking equipment. So, I’ve started to explore the possibilities how to resolve the problem and make it a safer place for young and old.

It took us 5 years to develop the system together with my boys that helped me analyze the data and run dozens of fire tests to meet the requirements of the standard UL300A

After 5 years I can be very proud of the results and the fact that we are manufacturing KITCHEN FIRE STOP here in Canada and help saving life and property all around the world.

I hope we can help you and your family for a safer life.